Snow Bunny Extraordinaire

12 March 2010
Elise from the Attic is a weekly blog post from my sister Elise who is currently kicking up her heels and studying her ass off in Kentucky. She is a fashionista and a lunatic, but we love her. Mostly. Here is this week's edition of:

I am not a very athletic girl nor am I an outdoorsy girl. I tried every sport that was offered in grade school, but mostly because my friends did.

I purposely avoided eye contact with my teammates in the fear that they would pass me the basketball. I couldn't move without double dribbling.

When I ran cross country, I often got tired during a race and proceeded to stroll along, picking dandelions until I finally reached the finish line.

My parents loved coming to my soccer games to watch me practice cheerleading moves and dances while talking to myself on defense, where the coaches threw me because no one from the other team usually made it that far.

In the summer, I lay outside for a good ten minutes before running for the air conditioned house.

I hate hot weather, cold weather, wind, rain, fog and humidity.

All this considered, I signed up to go on my sorority ski trip last weekend though I had never been, and boy was that a sight.

I woke up earlier than should be legal with quite a headache from the night before. The ski and boot rental area smelled horrid and the boots dug into my shins. It took me a good hour to shuffle thirty feet in the frigid air to the bunny hill, but I was a trooper. The biggest hurdle was learning how to stop once I got going, which believe it or not, was quite a problem.

A few times I flew past the designated stop area my instructor had given us and had to scream for people to move out of the way if they wanted their life spared.

There were toddlers trying to show me the correct way to stop, that wasn't at all embarrassing...

No worries though, I was a master at the bunny hill by nightfall, a small feat for some, but a pride worthy accomplishment for a indoors kinda girl whose favorite sport is shopping.

Until Next Week,
Elise from the Attic

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