Moet, Etsy, Trader Joes, & Taking the Good with the Bad.

04 March 2010
I'm going to type a bunch of stuff and none of it is related or will probably make any sense.


Bunny's baby arrived and I couldn't be happier for her.  Seriously, the swelling of your heart when you become a Mama is like nothing else.  It is so life changing & flips your world upside down in the best way.  She is gorgeous, with tons of dark hair & her Mama seems quite smitten.  Love ya Bun!

All of these babies make my uterus twitch.  Are you going to have another or is your family complete?

Elise is doing Dance Blue this weekend.  Won't you stop by tomorrow and leave a message on her Elise in the Attic post wishing her luck?

I've been having a glass of wine every night for the last two weeks.  If you know me IRL, you would know how odd this really is... I probably had about the same amount of wine all half of last year.  I don't know what sparked this kick, but I am enjoying it.  It does give me heartburn which is an unfortunate side effect.   My go to type of wine is pinot noir these days.  What is your fave?

I helped Stephanie start the set up for JHB's Super Mario party and you all are going to love it.  I can't wait to show you pics next week.  It is over the top fabulous.  We also attended Ollie's small birthday dinner and it was just as fabulous.  Goes to show that it's the people that make the party.   Do you do small parties or big ones?  Does it matter to you what other moms do?

I JUST now realized that I've been pronouncing Moet {as in the champagne} wrong. It's 'mo-wett' not 'mo-way'.  Crap.  I hate when stuff like that happens, I wish someone would have told me.  Do you feel like a jerk when you correct someone?

I have been perusing Etsy way too much lately. {by the way... did you know to pronounce Etsy it rhymes with Betsy?}  There is just so much gorgeousness.  What are your fave shops, you know... so I can feed my addiction?

I have been watching Letterman this week, just because I'm still bitter about Conan.  Are you team Conan or team Jay?

Tuesday was a crazy wonderful day, so much so I felt that my cup runneth over.  Wednesday, well not so good.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday.  How has your week been?

I am in the market fort a fab new face lotion.  I have tried lots, but nothing is cutting it.  I want something light, with SPF, and that makes me look like a super model.  Is that so much to ask?  Recommend your fave puh leeease?

There really should be a Trader Joes in town.  That and Homegoods.  It drives me nuts.  What store do you want to see in your city?

So, ummm if you have never left a comment before I'm pretty sure I've given you enough to go on.  And yes, yes this post is nonsensical, but that's the way I roll.  I also don't say things like, "that's the way I roll."  What other assinine things do youngins say these days?  And if you always comment, thank you & keep it coming... it's much better than talking to myself.


Anonymous said...

Umm, there's a Homegoods down the street from me if you want to stop there this weekend :P

Face lotion? Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion. It has an SPF of 15. It's light, non greasy and cheap. The only problem? It's from Trader Joe's. It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya.

Ashley said...

You know what's funny? I actually did know that etsy is pronounced to rhyme with Betsy but that doesn't stop me from saying it wrong every time. And I even realize it when I do it. I guess my accent just can't help but love on a long E.

Anyways...Trader Joe's? Hah! Remember where I live.

Elise said...

I was looking at Etsy yesterday and LOVING it especially the hair accesories. it reminds me of emily and her bday is coming up which works out nicely. i was totally gonna mention something about it to you too! so weird. but how else would you pronounce it besides rhyming with betsy?

Emily said...

Baby Frita is such a cutie! Side note: I am going to have such a hard time NOT calling her Frita, especially since her real name is close to that. It'll be kinda like Luda (though I did call him by the correct name this morning).

And, no, we are not, NOT, N-O-T having any more. I'm so sure of this, if B won't voluntarily get snipped, I might take care of it for him at home one night while he sleeps...

Man, I miss wine. I wanted a glass sooooo badly after trial on Tuesday. Pinot noir is my favorite red.

I generally prefer smaller parties. I definitely prefer planning smaller parties. I don't generally worry too much about what other moms are doing, unless I'm using it for inspiration.

Depends on who it is and what I'm correcting. I usually take the passive-aggressive approach of correctly pronouncing/using/spelling the word the other person is screwing up as soon as possible after they screw it up.

I did know the correct pronunciation, but I think it's a strange and awkward word to say. I'm just starting to get into etsy, so I don't really have any favorite shops yet. I've been doing a lot of wall art shopping on there, though.

I've never like Jay, so I pick Conan.

My week has been looooooooong. Our trial, though moving much more quickly than anyone expected, feels long and draining. Add to that my single-parent-due-to-classes status every night this week, the mild virus-y thing I got from W, and all the stressy babysitter drama (I'm now officially completely done with her, by the way. Woo!), and you get one very long week.

I don't use a face lotion, so I'm of no help here.

I agree with Trader Joe's.

I think I hit on all your randomness...this got so long that I should just link my blog to this post so I won't have to do a post anytime soon!

michele said...


pinot grigio or merlot. or white zin. i'm not picky when it comes to wine. last time i went to TJ's i picked out a dozen bottles that i liked the labels on. i know, it is a sophisticated technique LOL

medium parties :)

i don't even know what moet is, let alone how to pronounce it. i would only correct a close friend....otherwise i agree with the passive-aggressive "pronounce it the right way yourself" method....

etsy rocks. you should check mine out. there's not much there yet...i'm working on that.

definitely team conan.

my week has been altogether too busy. i am looking forward to a lazy day; unfortunately i do not foresee one anytime in the near future.

can't help with the face stuff....i use olay daily regenerist serum which i loveloveLOVE but it doesn't have sunscreen in it.

we need a TJ's in our town. NEED. also, a jamba juice, fazoli's, and a cracker barrel. hmmm, i guess i like to eat a LOT. LOL

i say "just sayin'" too much.

did i get all the questions? do i win a prize or something?! :D

Grace said...

Um is sensical a word?

Good Luck to Elise and her dancing this weekend.

This drinking is very unusual for you, even more usual is(quick, grab Dave to pick you up off the floor) that you've had more drinks in 2 weeks than I have had all 2010, yeah I rarely drink now. I do enjoy the pinot noir and shiraz. And on a light day pinot grigo.

Pronounciations never my strong suit especially when order something new off a menu at a restaurant. It usually tastes good, but I sound like an clown ordering. Sounding like an clown is not out of the ordinary for me though.

Leno supporter...sorry.

No Trader Joes in Memphis either. And I really miss World Market, especially for wine.

Merrily said...

Okay, I'm a virgin blogger and I'm new to reading your post but I felt the need to comment. :)

I go through waves with wine. I recently tried Heavyweight at Vino100 and I fell in love. It is a cab but it is amazing. I bought all of their bottles about 2 weeks ago so they might have more in now. Better yet, just come over and have a glass with me!

Face lotion.... good luck. I feel like I am always looking for the great face lotion. If you find the perfect lotion then I think we would all like to know about it.

A Trader Joes and Homegoods would be awesome but my wallet is thankful they are not in Toledo.

I can't comment on much else as I don't know about Moet or Etsy.

Britt said...

Love the random thoughts Michelle...pretty much how my brain works every day. Congrats on your 99, by the way!

Uterus twitch - I sometimes feel one (I have two kids) and then ask myself how it sounds if I would happen by chance to have twins...then my head starts to twitch!

Pinot or glass or two?

Parties - I go big, then feel guilty for not being able to talk to everyone and that like they shouldn't have brought presents. Any ideas on how to keep them small?

I drink Cook's champagne...easy to pronounce :)

Ahhh Etsy, I dream about having my own shop some with random crafty treasures. Otherwise, a few of my faves: Orangepoppy, Sunsetgirl, Handbags by Daphne, Happiknits, Southern Sassy Pants, Little Temple...

My week - too crazy, glad it's Friday.

Youngins these days...not quite sure, what about "Pants on the Ground"?

I enjoy reading your blog, keep it up :o]

Heather Lea said... is a wonderful shop, i love it.

as far as stores and things i would like to see here in battle creek, it would be nice if there were a whole foods, trader joes, or anything of the like. ann arbor is the closest, and it is a bit of a drive, but it's do-able.


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