I have a problem. Clearly.

12 January 2010
It's not the first time.  There was West Wing.  And Sex in the City.  The Gillmore Girls don't really count because I've only watched Season One, the same with Weeds.  But Big Love does, oh those polygamists.  Those enchanting fictictionalized polygamists.  And Entourage, sweet sweet Entourage, those boys are beyond.  Beyond what?  Just beyond.  Sigh.

When you don't have cable, you don't know about things like Big Love or Entourage until they come out on dvd.  And sometimes not until they're off the air {The Sopranos are still on my list} so you don't miss it while it's on live tv because you don't know about it AND you have the added benefit of watching one after another, no commercials, and bonus features.  Bonus features people.  We will literally spend a week watching show after show because it's so dang good and we have to see what's next!

Which brings me to my current addiction problem. You know about my secret love of the Gossip Girl books right?  But the series.  The seeeeeries, dear sweet narcissistic delicious series.  I bought Season One on Black Friday for super cheap at Tar-jay and I haven't had a minute really to watch until now.  Oh, and what I mean to say is that I watched all five disks this past week.  It's totally different from the books, but still SO fun to watch. 

I'm Chuck Bass jonesing for Blair Waldorf.  Oh yes, yes I am.

So, what are your delicious addictions?


Ashley said...

Big Love
Dead Like Me (you must must watch)
All things Twilight

Good lord. Looks like I need an intervention.

Jackie said...

Food Network
True Blood
Fountain Pepsi
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or trees, pumpkins, hearts

And countless others that may or may not be appropriate for cyber viewing.

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