8 Friends Everyone Needs

08 January 2010
I always find it weird when people don't have friends.  And it's not even a mass quanity of friendships that I'm talking about here, but it's odd to me to not have at least a handful of good friends.  I'm not talking about family here either, though my sisters are some of my closest friends, they're obligated by familial bonds to be there.  I'm talking about people you meet in your life who feel like family simply because of the connection you've made with them, people you can turn to, people who share more than aquaintanceship with you.  My friendships are a priority in my life.  I just can't comprehend not having someone to turn to in times of need, in times of happiness, in times of chaos and more importantly, to be there for them when they have life moments to share. 

Prevention Magazine agrees.  They put out an article listing essential friendships in your life that lead to better health and more happiness.  I found it so incredibly interesting {and very lucky} that I immediately thought of someone {or 2 or 3} who fit each of these categories in my life. 

A Childhood Friend
A New Friend
A Workout Friend
A Spiritual Friend
A Younger Friend
Your Partner's Friends
Your Mom

When was the last time you made a connection with your friends?  If it has been awhile, maybe give them a call or get together?  I'm just looking out for your health and your happiness here!

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Grateful for Grace said...

OH, how interesting. It certainly resonates with me in more than one way. I've felt the loss of my mother so profoundly. I thought it was just because mothers are mothers, but this adds to it.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the advice. I really, really appreciate it!

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