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04 January 2010
How Norway Fought Staph Infections: This article is really interesting!

After trying parsnips and wondering where they had been my whole life, I'm making a pact to start adding other new items... after this article from the Kitchn, I'm going to have to add Turnips next!

I am a little afraid to show Dave this laser tripwire with Twitter freaking awesome intrusion system from Make... how cool is this??

If you have not met Sophie Blackall and her Missed Connections, allow me to introduce you.  She illustrates comments from the missed connections area of Craigslist.  You will spend hours here.  Thanks Joanna for bringing her to me.  Love.  Love.  Love.

A fab wrap up of the most anticipated movies of 2010 from Oh No They Didn't.

Moosh demonstrating how to paint with light.  So fun.


Anonymous said...

Ooo! Fun thing I discovered on the interwebs yesterday?

It's genius.

Unknown said...

I am a parsnip and turnip fan. We always had them for Thanksgiving when I was a kid.
Was wondering if you tried that book I sent you yet, as I was just updating my reading for 2010 and thought of it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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