Summer swap!

27 June 2008

Please don't let it be kitty bones. Please don't let it be kitty bones. If you're wondering why I'm worried... click here. I got a super secret (and slightly illegal) package today from Ms. Bunny Mendelbaum.

It was awesome.

The slightly illegal part: spearmint & lemon mint right from her garden! They were carefully wrapped for transport... I must say that it very much reminded me of Kevin Kline in French Kiss when he's bringing back the grape vine.

The coolest crayons ever! They're big enough too that Finn can hold them and (hopefully) won't eat them. Plus, she included a recycled "drawing pad" made up of a million old blueprints.


Emily said...

How fun! I was way off on what the illegal substance was.

Amy said...

It's illegal to send plants???

Amanda said...

ah, French KIss, Now your speakin my language.
All men are bastards.

Michelle said...

You're making my ass twitch... seriously Amanda, she wrapped them in fabric and everything!

Jackie said...

"It's true. I never thought I'd be the kind of woman to say this...but all men are bastards!" Awesome movie. The porch kitty thing did freak me out a bit!

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