Goddamnit. And other things not to say.

16 June 2008

Little One,
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you're growing and learning new things each day. That picture was taken a year ago, and LOOK at how little you were! You've taught me to view the world with new eyes and create adventure in our day to day activities.
I would, however, appreciate it if you didn't repeat "Goddamnit," when mama says it. I fully well realize I need to watch my mouth, but cut me a little slack here love.
Love you,


Peanut2211 said...

you mean little in giant baby terms :)

Grace said...

I am waiting for the day Finn says "for f**ksake". But I am a wee bit concerned of having a conversation with the "editted" Michelle, it won't be the same.

Unknown said...

I've another Alibrightian slogan he'll being using soon... " You Rat B***ard"....

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