Ooooey gooey BIRTHDAY goodness aka my Janet turns 50.

23 June 2008

Dear Mom,

Happy BIRTHDAY. I can't believe that 50 years ago today, Meme was lying in AGONY writhing in pain as she expelled that big head of yours. Ummmm EW. OK, I tried giving you the birth story, but that was just gross. I am not sure how you stomach doing that to us every year. It grodes me out. Anyway, happy birthday old lady. I've just announced to the internet that you're FIFTY. WOooOOoo hoooo!

Your (favorite, smartest, best, prettiest, loveliest) Daughter

PS. I am pretty sure the best present you got was having a fantastic daughter like me, but you did get some lovely presents. I'm eyeing that Marks & Spencer bubble bath... just so you know. Oh and I only bought Fearless Fourteen so I could have it after you. Cheers!

Now dear readers.... on to the eye candy. Let me tell you that for every bit that this looks delish, it tastes 10 times better than THAT. Chef Bob outdid himself. The food was amazing.

The Menu
  • tequila lime shrimp
  • vichyssoise with grilled, seasoned flatbread
  • smoked chicken, brie, and mango salsa quesadilla (TO DIE FOR!)
  • assorted veggies (grilled zucchini, cauliflower, green onions, celery, etc...) with a roasted red pepper, vidailia onion dip
  • fruit salad of watermelon, pineapple, peaches topped with granola and fresh whipped cream
  • insanely decadent cookies, mini cheesecakes in a bunch of flavors (I had the amaretto), and the Better than Sex chocolate torte with like 3 kinds of ganache.


Amanda said...

Wow...that food does look scrumptious!

Emily said...

Sounds like it was awesome! The food (especially the cheesecakes) looks amazing! Way to make a pregnant lady hungry...

Jackie said...

WOW! I cannot believe Janet is the BIG 5-0! And the lord...does Chef Bob give out the recipe for Better than Sex chocolate torte? I have one for Better than Sex cake but nothing about torte with 3 kinds of ganache!

Michelle said...

I'm pretty sure that it's a secret, but it was hella good!

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