16 June 2008
Well readers, we're halfway through 2008. I can't believe how quickly time flies when you're having fun. In an effort to keep myself on track, I thought I'd post my half year resolutions.

  1. Lose 35 more pounds before the end of 2008. (I'm down 15 already.)

  2. Plan (and take!) an end of summer or early fall trip for YKW, Finn, and myself. Some ideas so far: New England, San Francisco, Hocking Hills, Toronto, NYC...

  3. Introduce one new recipe per week to my cooking repertoire.

  4. Keep the house more organized & develop a cleaning schedule.

  5. Blog at least 5 times per week.

For a little added motivation... here is a picture of me in Sonoma at the weight I will be 35 pounds from now. I'd be really happy to be back there. The sooner, the better.

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Amanda said...

That is such a great picture of you!!! And Ill bet you are doing a great job on your 2008 goals!

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