Got some junk in your trunk?

02 June 2008
These fellas can help you clean it out.

And speaking of junk... take a gander at all the crap that was loaded on our staircase to the basement. I *wish* I had taken a before pic to truly demonstrate the clutter that had accumulated.

So we cleaned it out! And it's amazing how much easier it is to run down to do laundry. It feels so good to have it all organzied and to know that, nope we don't need a new mop head or a new filter for Finn's fan, they're right there in the bottom box.

Oh, and note to self... replace these finger hooks if we ever decide to try and sell the house. For now, they can stay.


Emily said...

The hooks remind me of Bunny and the crack house.

Michelle said...

He he he Em. If it were Bunny's house, they'd be real fingers. :-)

Amy said...


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