Georgia on my mind

10 June 2008
We're home from Georgia. A BIG thank you for all of the southern hospitality from Moxie & Kenzie (pictured below) and their owners, Alli & Mike. You mexicans sure know how to put up us northerners in style.

All kidding aside, the trip went well. It was really nice spending time with family and friends. My aunt and cousins have the most amazing friends and community members. There were people there from sun up to sunset cleaning, preparing food, and just passing out hugs left and right. They built a new back deck in a matter of days, put together a slideshow of photos, and Miss Renee kicked some major church ass.

My Uncle Gregg rocked. He was always hilarious, knew how to take (and tell) jokes, and was always the life of the party. He will be sorely missed by family and friends alike.

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