How I love thee npr.

23 June 2008
I love. love. love. NPR.

Yep. I know this makes me a geek. Dave likes it too, so we're a match made in heaven. All I have to say for you haters is one episode of Praire Home Companion and/or Car Talk and you will be hooked too.

Where was I?? Oh yeah, so anyway. They have the MOST fun tool ever. It's a ROAD TRIP station guide. You type in your beginning and ending destinations and it gives you every station along the way. Where the hell have I been? This would have been perfect for our Georgia trip. Damn it.

Check it out for yourself.

Stay tuned for JANET'S BIG BIRTHDAY post coming later tonight. I promise lots of delish photos and loads of birthday finery to oogle.


Jen said...

You should get a job in a science lab. In labs you listen to NPR. All. The. Time. And then you debate it heatedly even though everyone agrees about the topic. And this goes on every second of every day until the mere thought of NPR makes you crazy because all you really want to do is do your research and go home, but you can't because you must debate NPR topics.

And then your husband starts listening to NPR just to spite you.

Michelle said...

I knew I liked that M! For sure even though he's scared of me. Embrace the NPR Jen. Embrace it.

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