Making Babies Cry (& other pool party activities)

12 June 2008
Sure... she looks all nice and innocent here.... but we know the truth.

If only we all looked this "hott mom" in our bikinis half way through our pregnancies. Ummmm yeah, we all hate you Em.

This is AMY and EMILY. See? It says so on their towels.

Kelly with the "feet dip" manuver.

YKW wearing a skirt and hitting on the 5-0.
PS. Do you see Amy's TRUE colors in this pic?

And last, but not least.

Jen making little Luda cry.
I guess this means 6 more weeks of no babies?

Happy Summer my peeps!


Amy said...

You have to send me those pics!! I love your captions! And also, I'm not evil or whatever you said. You're just jealous of my towel.

Michelle said...

You're totally evil AND I'm sending you the pics now.

Jen said...

You have to send them to me, too!

Jen said...

Oh, AND, for the record, little Luda wasn't crying until you came over there with the camera.

Emily said...

"Hot mom" my ass. I still vote for "fat looking". Although, this is the first belly pic I've taken in well over a month because our camera is being bitchy.

There is NOTHING wrong with a monogrammed towel. No one's going to steal it, now are they? (Unless they're also named Emily...then I could be in trouble).

No, Jen, Luda wasn't crying. He was SCREAMING (as you can tell from his terrified little face).

Dave said...

I feel vindicated... Just to think, everyone though I was being wildly inappropriate when I said "Emily is pregnant." :)

Dave said...

P.S. Amy is evil.

Mama said...

I want some pics to please!

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