Strawberry fields forever.

19 June 2008

OK, I even puked a little in my mouth at the title of this post. Everyone and their mom has used this title, eh? I really tried coming up with something clever, but it just didn't happen. Anywho, on to the heart of the matter. Here is my nephew Dylan to show you.

WE WENT STRAWBERRY PICKING! Ooooh it was my first time, but not my last. I loved it. Finn loved it. Well, he didn't love it so much as he ate his weight in berries out in the field with Uncle Britt.

We're in the midst of making jam as we speak so I am going to do a separate post for that lovely endeavor... the cans are boiling as I type. We're going to be in jam up to our eyelids tonight my dear readers.

"Yes mam. I'll take EIGHT pounds of strawberries and a cute little boy in the monkey backpack. Can you box it all up for me?"
(That cutie is Jude, my friend Brittany's son, sporting the monkey on his back.)

More pictures to come of our great jam adventure!

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Brittany said...

HA! Poor Jude would only cost 37.50:)

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