27 June 2008

My post for tonight is a bit late. I was completely and utterly engrossed in a book. I started it at 7:30 tonight and just finished. It was one of those quick reads that completely enveloped me until I finished it. It's called Lottery by Patricia Wood and you can get it here at Amazon. It was amazing.

So my question for you is what would you do if you won the lottery?

Would your life change? Would you squander it? Would you be able to deal with people coming out of the woodwork begging for money? Would you buy a new house? New cars? Invest it?


Jackie said...

I would put together a group of people to help me not squander it away. An accountant, investment person, someone educated on charitable giving...Then I would finish this campaign (thanks Nancy and Ed for the damn work ethic) then hit the road. Travel, write, eat at fabulous restaurants, take cooking classes in Italy, buy a house, get a dog...I could go on forever. I think I'll go buy a lottery ticket...there has to be better odds in Montana right?

Emily said...

Pay off all our debt, buy a house, put money away for the kids' college funds, donate a bunch to charity, invest a bunch, travel, and buy myself an expensive, kick ass purse or pair of shoes.

Michelle said...

And for the record, I would invest the vast majority of it and set up a trust for the rest. We'd get a new house and rent our current house. We would donate a good chunk of it. Of course, Finn's college would be taken care of and I can see a month in Paris happening!

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