Card making frenzy + a mini project to keep me busy.

18 June 2008
Well, I can't post all of my card creations yet (I will soon!) because some of them are in the mail to you, or you, or maybe you. It's safe to post this one that I sent to my sister Lyndsey though. Britt has informed me it's in the mail box waiting for her to find it as we speak.

I also worked on these fun business cards for Annie. She is an amazing artist that is going to be featured down at One South St. Clair for an art walk tomorrow night from 7-10pm. There are going to be tons of galleries open in the Warehouse District, so if you're feeling froggy head down there!


Jackie said...

I hope I'm getting one!

AnnMarie said...

post mine, post mine! It's too funny not to!

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