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14 March 2010

Mini Guiness Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate St Pattys Day.

And quite possibly my favorite picture of Finnegan's first year was St Patty's Day.
He was 11 months old.
He looks like a drunk angry little lepruchaun, doesn't he?

So, with St Patty's Day just 3 days away, how will you celebrate?


April said...

I found your blog today, i think through One Pretty Thing, and I can. not. stop. reading it! You are hilarious and the rock star of parties! I have totally subscribed and am only going to stop reading through every thing b/c I have dishes to do!

Michelle said...

@ April - Welcome! Get those dishes done, then stop back to hang for a bit.

Kelly said...

I think we are celebrating by having corned beef and potatoes in the crockpot. Of course we'll wear green too! ;0)

Jackie said...

Do you really need to ask that???

Ashley said...

Can you just send me a Guiness cupcake. I'm too lazy to make one. And remember...dry county = no handy Guiness.

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