25 March 2010
Tonight, the window got stripped with a heat gun, yay for lead paint.  We Dave found that out by letting Finn gnaw on the windowsill with a handy dandy lead paint testing kit.  Tomorrow morning, our last showers in the old bathroom.  We should have everything down to the studs by tomorrow evening.  {Please send some good juju that we don't run into anything too terribly screwy.  Like lead paint.  Um, yeah.}

The shelves have been pulled out, the medicine cabinet emptied, one last decision on a paint color for the new drywall needs to be made.  The UPS man has been leaving pretty packages at our door.  The dumpster is arriving tomorrow at noon.  Dave has been reading tiling books like it's his job.  {<-- Sarah, I totally used the right it's/its just for you!}  The drop cloths should *fingers crossed* keep out the assinine amount of dust and grime that comes with tearing out almost 100 year old plaster. 

And the point is, I'm terrifyingly nervous ready for it to begin.  I might need to psych myself up a bit more & find a place to take myself, a toddler, and a dog tomorrow afternoon for naptime, which we just now figured out.  At 11:47 pm. We are awesome parents like that.

Anything exciting going on in your house?  Need something to do?  Go on over to the Bloggy BFF's {not only is Sarah the grammar police, she introduced Ash and me.} house and knock on her door, flood her comments like I know you can, and tell her she needs to be here for my birthday random acts of kindness craziness

Tell her I'll even let her hang out in my fancy new bathroom.

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Debbie said...

Actually, we are redoing a bathroom right now. We have been since mid-January. Yeah, we are just fast like that:)

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