Revolver Restaurant. 5 Years of Janet & Rico. {That is 35 in dog years.}

10 March 2010
My mom got married the same year that Dave & I did.  I had an insane wedding with lots of people, a martini luge & crazy fun.  She had nine people, on a beach in St Martin followed up by a private chef coming to the house and cooking us all dinner. Aside from the international incidents involving Dave, it was awesome.  And relaxing.  And perfect.  Quite possibly the best vacation and low maintenance wedding ever.  They didn't even tell us they were getting married until the day before, though Jenny, Lyndsey & I had a pretty good idea that they would.

So, last week my mom called and asked us if we wanted to go back to Revolver {pop over there to check it out, it's a great story} to celebrate their anniversary.  Um yes.  A thousand times yes.  If you have ever have the opportunity to visit Findlay, Ohio you have to go there.  Really.  Even the Wall Street Journal thinks so.  And make a reservation.  Even on a Tuesday. 

This is Gale & Frank.  You might remember them from our last visit to Revolver in the disco limo?

This is Lyndsey, one of my lunatic sisters.  In the past two weeks she has gone from being quite possibly the pickiest eater I have known the past 31 years to eating wheat bread, duck, beef cheek, and a whole host of other things.  And liking it.  I'm not quite sure what has gotten into her, but her horizons have been expanded exponentially and I am just so proud.  Plus, she is funny as hell and she almost peed her pants in our car on the way home.  And since she yelled at me for telling you all that she puked after watching Blair Witch, I am sure I'll get a phone call about this one too.  See how much I love you guys?  I'm even willing to deal with Lyndsey's wrath.

I made her give me the 5 years pose.  She's such a sport.  That's half of Dave's face on purpose, really I was trying to capture the fact that the kitchen is RIGHT there and it makes for such a great dining experience. 

The food was amazing.  We ordered one of everything on the menu except for the rabbit and there wasn't anything that wasn't perfection.  The pork belly melted in your mouth.  The duck had a rich smokey flavor without overpowering the flavor of the meat.  The amuse was a popcorn soup that was like sipping liquid popcorn.  The potato gnocchi with beef cheek appetizer was unbelievably rich and perfectly seasoned. 

And the desserts... an Elvis sundae made with peanut butter ice cream, banana ice cream, and bacon brittle.  There was a chocolate creme brulee that I think my sister wanted to marry.  And my favorite, sticky toffee pudding with a stout ice cream.  YUM.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know how crazy my family can be.  We laughed loudly and they didn't even kick us out.  We drank copious amounts of {amazing} wine.  It was a wonderful celebration of these two freaks of nature.

Mom, while I would have rather been sitting my ass on a beach in St Martin to celebrate your five years, Revolver was a pretty close second.  Many many more happy years to you and Richard.

An added bonus?  #42 crossed off my list!


Gale said...

Great fun! Also intersting to read the international events - did not know about the bees! let's not wait another 5 years to go to Revolver!

Grace said...

Congratulations Janet and Rico may you have many more happy years. Also congrats to Lyndsey for opening her mind to new foods.

Holly Lefevre said...

That looks liek fun..I want to try an Elvis Sundae...I did a post on chocolate chip bacon cookies awhile ago and I am hooked on the salty sweetness of these combos.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Awww, cute post! Looks like fun. And those dinner pictures look divine.

Jackie said...

Congrats crazies! Miss you all like crazy!

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