My Birthday Wish List 2010 Edition.

09 March 2010
Dear Dave Mom Anyone,
Here it is.  My birthday wish list.  {The important one is #7.}

1.  Yelle Pop Up  --Don't ask.  I just like it.

2.  Macro Lense

3.  Cricut Expression, just think! of! the lovelies! I could create with this sucker!

4.  This one is always on the list... Paris.  Ha.  A girl can dream, no? 
     PS. Flights are a mere $787 from Detroit.  I'm just saying...
     I could have my bag packed & passport ready in about an hour.

5.  This genius light box made for me because I don't have patience for exact measurements.

6.  Citrus Verbena L'Occitane Shower Gel

7.  And mostly, like I said here, I am spending my birthday doing random acts of kindness {thanks to Robyn} and I would LOVE for YOU to participate.  If you have ideas of local people that might need a little pick me up, please contact me, my email is in the sidebar.  If you have genius ideas of what you'd like to see me do as an act of kindness, again the email in the sidebar, or a comment here.  And anyone that would like to participate either in time or services or stuff to give away, contact me.  I'd love to have you.  Saturday, April 17th is the day. 

This is going to be so incredible you're not even going to believe it.  All that stuff up there on my wish list is just stuff.  I'm more excited about ME doing the giving.  My list is growing of all the ideas I'd like to cram in on that day so a little pre-planning and work on my part is a must. 

And then, we party.  A lot.

I hope you'll follow along this journey with me.  There might even be something for you guys as a thank you for being freaking awesome.


michele said...

i LOVE that light box! totally want to make one for in WA in the winter, it is virtually guaranteed you will never have any decent lighting, EVER. and i need pretty shots to list my etsy stuff :)

belles♥mom said...

I'm totally excited about the RAK I already have a list started!! Such a GREAT idea!

Lorie said...

The random acts of kindness idea is such a great one!

And that Yelle pop up is FUN!

And I keep drooling over the Cricut Expression. I want it, but I just don't like buying things that lead me to buy MORE things. Like all the pretty little cartridges!!

It would become an addiction for me!

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