Ken Weiser, Pajama Pants, & the Lunatic Behind the Blog

17 March 2010
People in my life know about my blogging.  I am, on this space, who I am in real life.  My besties use it to keep up on my life.  My mom is freakishly proud, though she doesn't really understand why thousands of people pop in here to read about the lunacy.  My high school friends and grade school friends see the posts on Facebook and I know some of them read because they leave me the best comments about freaky bird sex on cable or send me sweet emails about how much they enjoy reading. 

It's still a little weird when someone pops up in person and mentions it.  Especially if I wasn't aware that they were aware of my blog.  It has happened now a few times and I always feel like a goob, most recently a couple weeks ago.  It's one thing for someone to send me an email and say they like visiting, it's another to get a compliment in real life and have to have that flushed "someone likes me" moment when not hiding behind a laptop screen.  And you wonder if they are secretly judging the fact that you show up to clean after a party and you are wearing your pajamas and your hair looks a bit like it's hit a light socket and you got a restless 5 hours of sleep the night before.  {Um, hi Lisa!} 

Because I totally still get that dumbfounded grin when a new reader or even an old reader comments or sends me an email or tells me to my {very red} face they like reading.  And then I feel like the stupid sixth grader talking to Ken Weiser on the phone and hoping that my mother lets me go roller skating with him on Saturday, but I know she won't and I am secretly releived because, let's face it, I am wholly unprepared for that.  By the way, those are the days that I had to stretch the phone cord from the wall to hide on Meme's basement steps to talk on the phone in private and even then, my whole family just knew I was talking to a public school boy.

Shit.  No one tell freaking Ken Weiser to read this. Ok?

What the hell was my point?  Oh yes, tonight I was talking to a friend on gchat about my blog's statistics because she offers good advice and doesn't get {too} pissed that I was asking the 2,849,399th stupid question and I realized something.  I hope that no matter how big or small this blog is, or how long I've been doing it, that feeling never goes away.  I hope that I still am privileged enough to connect with amazing and generous people like Ash, or Sarah, or Hillary, or Becki, or Rachel.  And get to hang out with people that I was friends with before we ever started blogging.  And even my blogless peeps like Noelle, or Stephanie, or Amy, or Amy, or Kelly continue to participate here with me, just as they do.

And just so you know, if you see me in the grocery store and I'm wearing slippers and my hair is sticking out in 12 places, still stop me and say hi.  Or to you there, reading for the first or fiftieth time, leave a comment and introduce yourself.  I'm happy to have each of you reading and if you were here, I'd totally buy you a pint of Guiness.

Happy St Patty's Day.


Amy Dean Stuempges said...

Is that the same Ken Weiser we went to high school with??? Or am I thinking of someone else. Kinda bushy, dirty blonde hair? I may be nuts.
p.s. I made the Guiness cupcakes for the Superbowl and they were DELISH! Happy St.Patty's Day!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Oh, how I stretched that phone cord, too. I can feel that awkwardness from here!
And you come on down to AL and hang out anytime! I think we have guiness down here; it's called old Budweiser.
I know what you mean about people seeing you. I've had the *BEST* encounters at Tar-jhay when someone asks if I'm me (did that make sense?) right after I've screamed at my children. Lovely- yes. It's always right after a good threat that I get recognized. :)

Ashley said...

I am so proud of you and your blog. #99 bitches!

But in all seriousness, I love that you are who you are be it behind a screen or in real life. You are awesome and funny and smart and cool and I totally want to be you when I grow up.
Wait, I'm grown you say? Oh shit.

Lisa said...

I am toally laughing out loud!! What's funny to me is that I hesitated telling you that i check in everyday for an update for fear you would think I am some crazy stalker! I love it! And about the jammies, fits right in with most of my wardrobe. I still think you should write a book girl.

Mama said...

LOL! I feel like I need a blog before you dump me for all the cool kids!!! BTW, I had a phone in my room before I even knew I wanted a phone in my room and I had the cool mom that let us have the gigundus cordless phone in our tent sleepovers....until darn Stacie pranked Missy's mom saying her 10 XTRA large pizzas were ready! I love how your blog can remind me of the good old days even though I didn't know you back then.

Anonymous said...

I would have used that phone cord to choke Ken Weiser! BTW - I very much enjoy reading your blog - keep it up!

- Casey Pogan

Holly Lefevre said...

You don't sound like a lunatic to me...unless of course I am a lunatic too.

Jackie said...

Ok I don't know this Ken fella and I didn't steal Steve until 8th grade?????

Shannon said...

Didn't K.W. work at Steak and Shake at Franklin Park Mall back in the day? I don't know why I remember that, but once I saw the name that's the first thing I thought of. I've really enjoyed "stalking" your blog since Stephanie posted something from it on FB. And thanks for all the other blogs you've turned me onto, and in turn the blogs they've turned me onto. I've bookmarked a ridiculous amount of blogs in the last few weeks!

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