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23 March 2010
For the record, I was going to write a post about Dave today.  How awesome he is and give him a little encouragement on his handy Manny skills as he begins the bathroom remodel from hell.  {Yes, our only bathroom is going to be torn to bits starting Thursday.  This should be fun.}  I was going to publicly announce to the world that not only did I marry a programming genius who is nearly the most intelligent person I know, but he's got mad working with his hands skills as well.  He does all the dirty jobs in our house without so much as a complaint.  He re-wires things and fixes cars and figures out how to tile and has things like "working on things jeans" in his wardrobe.

But then he called me a socialist and we started arguing having a discussion about healthcare reform.  He never fights fair.  I mean seriously I should be able to call him a rightwing middle class republican asshole male without him calling me a commie socialist tree hugger, right?

AND he told me he didn't want to see Elton John in concert.  Hold me closer Tony Danza?  Really?  Dave is a musician!  {Yeah, ANOTHER talent.  It's getting old, isn't it?}  He has seen ridiculous concerts and he won't go see Elton Freaking John?

But then, we agreed to disagree, as we always do.  It is how we continue to try & remain civil while on opposite sides of the fence, something we both think Congress might need a lesson on, that makes our marriage work.  I stipulated that the bill is far from perfect and he agreed that he doesn't want to see Annabelle affected by lifetime limitation or being denied insurance for a pre-existing condition.  Then, we just mumble under our breath anything further on the subject. 

And he said he would go to Elton John just to hear Rocket Man.

I'm pretty sure he likes me, even after all this time.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm not a big Elton John fan, but just the thought of Rocket Man live chokes me up!
Good luck on the bathroom remodel!

Amy said...

I don't know if this post was supposed to make me tear up...but it did! You and Dave are great, I love the ways you work together and compliment eachother. :)

btw, let me know if you need a bathroom, you are welcome to come over anytime.

Elise said...

I'm a republican dave ;)

okay not really, but i can be.

Michelle said...

Nice try Elise, you're still not taking my husband!

Jackie said...

Would you really have married someone who agrees with everything you say???? Really???
Also props to Dave for not only being all that but for putting up with Michelle's crap:)
Love ya!

Ashley said...

I think you two are great and you sound just like Warren and me. I'm the crazy tree hugging liberal and he's the damn Republican. Also, he's super handy, plays guitar, and is out of the park intelligent. Yet...such an asshole.

I'll go see Elton with you. I was just watching a YouTube of Rocket Man last week. Loves it!

Jennifer said...

Good post but the link to the post about Annabelle has me still crying. Life is precious.

Meg said...

1. Bathroom remodel? I apologize in advance for stalking your blog for updates

2. I was about to call him Mr. Perfect until...

3. His opinions might be a little misguided (I'm a tree hugger) but it sounds like you deal with it well.

4. My mom's a Northern Catholic Democrat and my dad's a Southern Baptist Republican, so I'm used to a good ol' debate. Politics and religion sure know how to rile people up, huh?

5. Have fun at the concert! Every time I hear Tiny Dancer, I think of Almost Famous, which was a fabulous movie.

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