Backyard Movie: Wreck It Ralph

13 June 2013

If you’re on Facebook with me and have been privy to all of the WHAT MOVIE SHOULD WE WATCH in our backyard talk that has been going on, you will notice that it is neither Little Rascals OR Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  Both of which I think would make excellent backyard movie choices.  And we’ll do just that later in the summer because I went out and bought both of those movies.

And then someone {Finnegan} woke up that morning and decided that he reeeeally wanted to watch Wreck It Ralph, which we already owned.

::: blink ::: blink :::

So… Ralph.

For our backyard movie set up, we use a {borrowed} projector hooked up to a laptop, an amplifier for sound, and a king size white sheet.  You can also use wireless speakers, a radio with an input for sound, or even those plug in computer speakers.  One of these days I’m going to come up with a fancy way to do the screen, but for now, this works for us.  If you have any specific questions, the Davester will be happy to answer any questions if he can.

wreck it ralph backyard movie 032

We have this random pile of like twenty bricks in our garden, so we used those to hold the trays since Ralph lives in the dump in a pile of bricks.  We kept the concessions really simple this time around.  Dave really missed the movie nachos, so those will likely make a re-appearance at our next backyard movie.  We had a popcorn regeneration station for refills and a good assortment of movie candies in mini sizes. 

wreck it ralph backyard movie 001

wreck it ralph backyard movie 014 wreck it ralph backyard movie 009

Usually we use popcorn bags, but sometimes they’re a little unwieldy for the little kids, so we used tall coffee cups {Party City and they come in like 20 colors} that I had on hand, they were a great two scoops of popcorn size.  I’m going to pick up a bag of them for the next movie night too.

wreck it ralph backyard movie 010

wreck it ralph backyard movie 007 wreck it ralph backyard movie 045

We also blew up the air mattress this time for the kids to flop on during the movie.  Next time, I’ll remember to iron the sheet. 

wreck it ralph backyard movie 048

With every backyard movie at our house, there are always funny little heads blocking the screen at random points of the movie.  This is Colin.

wreck it ralph backyard movie 120

wreck it ralph backyard movie 004 

We’ve already crossed off four things on our Summer Bucket List, at this rate I’m going to need to have a second list.

If you want to see our other outdoor movie nights:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Old School, and The Sandlot.

Have you ever been to a movie in the backyard?


Emily said...

1. You iron your sheets? Weirdo.

2. This looks like so much fun!

3. I'm inviting myself over for the next one.

Anonymous said...

who are you kidding, you will NOT iron the sheet for the bed next time.....
was a fun night for the kids......and gave the parents a break because they just sat back and relaxed!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I so want to do this in our new back yard. What a fun night!

Unknown said...

I remember your post from last summer. So makes me want to do this. One of these days. I know my boys would love it!!!

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