Friday Finest | 06.14

14 June 2013

Friday Finest


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Afraid of what lurks in the ocean?  I am now, thanks.  {via Holly}

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My friend Tara and I both got a little teary reading this post from DALS, what a perfectly fitting tribute.

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Random acts of kindness.  Will you add yours?  Please.  Please.  Pretty please.

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HAPPY HAPPY WEEKEND!  What are you doing for Father’s Day?


Anonymous said...

Random Act Of Kindness: We are going to make homemade dog biscuits and then deliver them to the local dog shelter.

Father's Day? Don't really have a plan at the moment. Kinda flying by the seat of our pants kinda deal at the moment.


Just A Normal Mom said...

I'm not sure if the frill shark or the goblin shark is going to give me a worse case of the heebie-jeebies next time I swim in the ocean. But I'm pretty sure at least one of them should have been a creature in a creepy horror flick.

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