Friday Finest | 06.28

28 June 2013

Friday Finest

Oh, hi there.  My month long, BLOG EVERY DAY IN JUNE, is almost over.  Are you sick of me yet?  Because I can’t wait to take a day or two off.  Not that I don’t love you guys and all that.

We have lots of fun coming up, my family is arriving from all over today!  Tate’s birthday party is this weekend, the fourth is next week, and at the end of July, I’m heading to Chicago for BlogHer!  Will you be there?  If so, I want to meet you!

Speaking of meeting people.  This is Erin.  She has been commenting and reading So Wonderful, So Marvelous for three years.  Last week, she was coming near-ish and we met up and had lunch.  It was so nice giving her a great big hug and hanging out for a couple hours.

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We have a winner on the $75 Minted Giveaway!  Is it you?

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Ten heart attacks is totally right.   Times infinity ZDub. 

PS.  I love crazy stories when they don’t involve me.

PPS.  I totally got to hug her at Blissdom.

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Corporate States of America… leave a comment telling me which company reps your state in this funny map of the US.  Wendy’s.  I guess there are worse things we could be… I’m looking at you Florida.

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I just ordered these.  Love Toms.

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How to make the fourth of July flag cake… it is easier than you might think!  Give it a try.

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I am pretty sure I’m never going to another Ohio beach ever.  America’s cleanest and nastiest beaches.  Look at it if you dare.


Happy Weekend!  Tell me one fun thing you’re up to!


Ashley said...

I am really digging this series! I love links that are worthwhile.

Tawny said...

DuPont for DE definitely makes sense - yet most corporations are incorporated here for tax reasons. Crazy right?

Also I had to go to the blog post to find out DE since it was soooooooooo tiny. Lol.

Some of the comments on that map are hilarious. Apparently IL people were mad about McDs. I just found out yesterday Burger College is in IL and they have a HYATT at their campus with a McDs inside. (my husband is on a business close to there)

Happy Friday!

Yostee said...

I made the blog... cross that one off my bucket list!!! Bah hah hah. Imagine that, PA is represented by Hershey's. I never ever saw that one coming. And Tom's... man I need to get my hands on a pair of them. They look so comfy and are such a good cause! Happy Friday.... July 1st is just a few short days away.

Also, enjoy Tate's birthday party this weekend. I can't wait to see pictures :)

Just A Normal Mom said...

"I’m looking at you Florida." - I'm dying. Okay, it was the perfect moment in the midst of an empty stomach wine buzz when I clicked on it, but I thought the Florida thing was hilarious. Of course, I'm in the Starbucks state. What else for Washington. But I'm moving to the state of Zappos. Ya know, I think I like it. Yes! Shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love that Colorado (where I currently live) is Coors!! We went to the Coors Brewery tour when we first moved here and it was pretty fun. They even gave us free beer, woohoo!

And of course California (where I grew up) is Apple! What an awesome infographic, I'm glad you shared!!

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