FunFetti Dip.

02 June 2013

Finn asked me to share a recipe with you all today.  His friend brought funfetti dip to school for a birthday treat and apparently it is a delicious hit with the six year old set.  He’s been talking about it ever since.

He also told me to let you know that it really needs to be refrigerated… something the birthday boy neglected to share with his teacher. 

Otherwise it gets runny and it’s still good, but it’s better when it’s in the refrigerator, make sure you tell them.

You can dip with animal crackers or graham crackers.



Noelle said...

Eek! Love the recipe card! I saw this on Pinterest and it's what Wyatt took to school for his birthday treat a couple weeks ago. YUM

Samantha said...

I just pinned this recipe for Roxy's birthday party. Think we might make it for Russ' birthday on Friday to see just how good it is. Sounds so yummy!

Love, love, love the recipe card!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Make sure you tell them... so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

This looks yummy!

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

Adorable! This is one recipe you will cherish for a lifetime. I love his six year old handwriting!

Unknown said...

OMG we love funfetti cake in this house so I am sure this will be a huge hit with the husband.
That is so cute!!! And his writing is so good! Cameron was just learning the little letters at the end of preschool.

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