She Is Two.

27 June 2013

Two.  Two.  Two.  I still can’t convince myself that this is happening.

Tate 113



025 r 012

Michelle Phone Camera 408

tate bucket 1


Austin 100


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday, Tate!!!

Noelle said...

Omg! Happy birthday Miss Tate! How is that even Possible?

Yostee said...

Happy Birthday Tate!!! You are one sweet little girl :) Hard to believe it's been 2 years already.

Kim Moore said...

Happy Birthday Tate!!!!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! And fabulous pictures, btw.

Kristina @ Sew Curly said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! (And happy birth day to you, M!)

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes to Tate! I hope you all enjoy this special time to the absolute fullest!

jessica mink said...

I am such a slacker over here...Happy late birthday Tate! I hope she had a great birthday and an awesome party {but I know she did because your her mom and you throw awesome parties!}

~*Jess*~ said...

Those pictures all make me smile :)

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