30 June 2013

So.  It’s the last day.

And instead of writing, I’m sitting on the couch with my bestie {here from Florida} laughing about all kinds of ridiculous things.

In other news, I’m dis-owning my father.  Why, you ask?

Hello.  Kitty.  Piano. 


I have a fun giveaway for you tomorrow and then I’m taking a little break for the holiday before sharing all the goodies from Tate’s birthday.


Just A Normal Mom said...

When my son was about 3, my sister sent him a real working bull horn with a siren. She was young, didn't have kids. We saved it and I just recently mailed it back to her 4 year old. Too bad you can't get your dad back with it sometime in the future!

Sara said...

For my son's second birthday some friends of ours got him a drum set. Like a full-on, kick pedal, loud ass drum set. I almost disowned them.

I think your dad should get a Hello Kitty necktie for Christmas.

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