24 June 2013

Tate’s birthday party is this weekend.

I’ve been putting off planning anything.  There are flat out way too many things for girls that involve hot pink.  Tate isn’t really a hot pink kind of girl.

She told me she wanted cookies and strawberries.  More recently she said she wanted cake and happy birthday and Baby Reece {her cousin} and Chris {my brother}.

We’re having all of her favorites.  Done.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like party planning with me, it mostly involves wandering around aimlessly until something strikes my fancy.

Then staying up until ridiculous hours because I can’t make the ideas stop.

And after, me wandering around some more with party swatches in hand.  Because I am that weirdo in the store.

Scribbled menu lists.  Finn suggesting things.  Cooking, cleaning, and crazy amounts of the Justin Timberlake Pandora station.

Who wants to come over and fluff tissue paper flowers with me?


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I want paper flowers! Those sound like fun. :)

Sara said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

JT Pandora = Love.

Noelle said...

Eek! Can't wait to see pics! I will gladly help fluff flowers on the porch...will bring booze! ;)

Unknown said...

I love party planning. I can't wait to see it! And yeah that sounds kinda like me. I am terrible at making decisions an that usually means waiting until last minute to do a lot:)

Just A Normal Mom said...

Can't wait to see pics!

@JessEsco said...

Hurry up and stop the talking and start the showing.

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