To Davey P. From Finn + Tate.

16 June 2013

Dave and Finn march 081

My dad is a good dad and he is really nice.  His name is Davey P. 

He’s cray sometimes and he goes to the Farmer’s Market.  Yesterday, he helped my Papa.

He likes to sleep in.  For sure, he loves that. 

His favorite thing is doing work, I am guessing.

I’m not going to wake you up dad on Father’s Day, mom too.  I’ll get your breakfast.  I’ll help you do chores.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

Love, Finn


036 004

 Tate 166 picnic brunch 158

What does Daddy like to do?

He makes eggs.  He eats some eggs. 

Do you love Daddy?

Um.  I dunno.

Love, Tate


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Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

This is just too precious for words! One of my favorite posts. I hope you all had an enjoyable Father's Day!

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