Happy Birthday Janet.

23 June 2013

Hi Mom.  We were too lazy to make a cake… you’re getting store bought. 

I thought maybe if we told you on the internet, it would soften the blow.

It doesn’t mean we love you any less.

No really… I swear.

We were a little worried though, since your acts of kindness are over that you would use all of those stored up karma points for non-homemade cake revenge.

I mean, we could have just thrown on an apron, and tapped a little a little flour on our faces, lied, and said we made it. 

You’re so old now, you probably wouldn’t know the difference.

But its unethical to lie to someone on their birthday, we thought.  Especially to a senior citizen, such as yourself.

Hey, did you have to wear glasses to read this post?  Just in case…

Happy Birthday Mom.  We love you.



Just A Normal Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your mom, who I assume has a great sense of humor ;-) haha

Anonymous said...

Really Michelle?

Sara said...

Haha, Busted!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!!!!

@JessEsco said...

Happy Birthday, Janet! I'm only like a month late. Or something, just consider yourself a part of my family because that's how I always roll.

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