Friday Finest | 06.07

07 June 2013

Friday Finest

Today is National Donut Day.  Yes, apparently, this is a real thing.  I know. 

We have this great bakery within walking distance of our house which is both a blessing and a curse.  The curse is on my butt.

Happy Friday, we’re eating the ones with sprinkles outside!

burgers 011

burgers 046

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I want every single one of you to read this article.  DROWNING DOES NOT LOOK LIKE DROWNING.  And then watch his video, so you can tell what drowning really looks like.  Hint: It doesn’t look anything like in the movies.  Read it.  Share it.  You just might save someone’s life.

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If you are on Pinterest, it’s likely that you’ve seen Kate and her amazing hair tutorials everywhere.  That is how I found her and started reading her blog.  When I went to Blissdom, I had a chance to chat with her and she is as lovely and gracious in person as she is on her blog.  When I say had a chance to chat with her, I mean, I accosted her in the hallway.  She was trapped while her phone was charging and invited me to sit with her at the next session. 

She has been trying to get pregnant for more than a year now, a struggle I know all too well, and it’s finally happened for her

Congrats Kate!

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Once this summer, I’m going to make these Nutella S’Mores Bars.

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My sweet, lovely, incredible friend Bunny at 86’n It sold her house.  The house that she has written about, toiled over, and transformed.  I am so happy that we were able to see all of her and Marc’s hard work when we were in Asheville over Easter earlier this spring. 

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Quite possibly my favorite Friends episode of all time.  PIVOT!

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Normally this is where I’d wish you all a happy weekend and see you Monday, but since it’s post every day in June, I’ll have something fun {and boozy and delicious} for you tomorrow.


Amy said...

We followed in your footsteps at Wixey's today. Any reason to get donuts is alright with me!!

SnoopyMeg said...

Ahhhhh, Wixey's, so jealous!

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