The Sandlot Outdoor Movie

27 August 2012

This weekend we decided to have friends over for an outdoor movie night.  We’ve done Ferris Bueller and Old School before… it’s safe to say those were for the grown ups. 

This one was all about the kids.  We had EIGHT boys here.  And Tate.  We picked the ultimate boy movie in The Sandlot.  It was entertaining enough for the adults, but still kid friendly. 


Here is part of the motley crew.  Look out for that scrappy little one with the wild curls.  They wanted me to hurry up with a picture so they could get back to the candy.  And popcorn.  And movie nachos.  You know, the ones with the totally fake cheese sauce?  We are obviously all about the health food.


We used a string of Christmas lights on the table, it was the perfect amount of light so that people could see, but it wasn’t so bright that it was distracting. 


I wanted to do not only movie theater treats, but a few that fit with the theme of the movie too.  We bought Coke in bottles and it was so funny explaining to the boys that they had to use the bottle opener. 


For the screen, we just put up a sheet on the privacy fence.  {Actually, we put up two sheets back to back to make it a little more solid white to project onto.}  No need for anything fancy, you can do this in your backyard!  Dave has an old amp that we used for speakers and we just hooked the projector up to the laptop. 


It was such a fun night.  The weather was so hot during the day that we were a little worried it would be uncomfortable, but once the sun went down it was perfect.  The boys played baseball in the yard before and after the movie.  Finn has an arm full of mosquito bites to show for it, but he says they’re worth it.

His favorite part?  When the other baseball players showed up and Ham got into an insult war. 

You play ball like a GIRL!

Five year old boy humor. 

It was a great way to end the summer.  We’re already plotting our next one.  What are your favorite family friendly movies?


Anonymous said...

I freakin love that movie. "Your killing me small." Best line ever! What fun! Nachos with fake cheese is the only way to go!

Megan said...

This looks so fun! I was obsessed with the Sandlot as a kid...I was totally going to marry Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Our family LOVES that movie. The Christmas lights on the table were perfect!

the cape on the corner said...

i had a super crush on benny when i was younger. i was gonna say you're killing me smalls, but someone beat me to it. so i'll say..this was the first place i heard something referred to as in a pickle.

Yostee said...

We <3 this movie too!!! I am constantly saying "you're killing me smalls" You're such a fun mom!!!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea for a kid-friendly party! I know that Finn will remember these kinds of nights and that's so awesome for you all. What fun!!! I love that movie.

Unknown said...

One of our neighbors has a movie night every year (and they always show The Wizard of Oz - heeeey, Kansas!), but its not until October. I wonder if I could convince Jon to do a movie night here soon...

It looks like the perfect summer get-together!

Unknown said...

I grew up in the town that Sandlot was filmed int. It's on of my favorite movies but not just cause I lived in that awesome little town. But I do have to say every time they go into the store to buy the replacement baseball I have to yell at the TV "I grew up THERE"!!!

Loved how you set up the outdoor movie theater.

Unknown said...

The movie was filmed in Utah. The scene where they get the ball frOm the drug store was in Midvale (where I grew up). The scene where they play the real baseball team on the real ball park was filmed in Rose Park which is North Salt Lake City.

Unknown said...

Omg....this looks like so much FUN!!! I need to find someone with a projector now;))

Stacey said...

Such a cool idea! And Sandlot is one of Gav's (and mine) favorites!!

Marie @ Substance of Living said...

I love your outdoor movies nights! Such a great way to entertain a larger group. I remember drive-in movies and what fun it was to be able to watch a movie outside.
Need to find a projector...
Substance of Living

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