23 August 2012

Finn and I had a discussion, and I use the word discussion loosely, about red and yellow watermelon.  It went something like this…

Finn:  Mooooooooom, I don’t like the yellow watermelon.

Me:  Finn, the yellow watermelon tastes the same as the red watermelon.

Finn:  No it doesn’t, it’s yellow.  I am NOT eating the yellow watermelon.

Me:  Finn, you’re eating all of the watermelon.  Even the yellow ones.

Finn:  But, I haaaaate it!



FYI, for those of you following along, I totally tasted both of them and you guessed it… they taste the same.  There was STILL no convincing him.  So, I grabbed a dishtowel and blindfolded him.  In the first piece went…

Finn:  RED!  No, yellow.  YELLOW.

Me:  OK…  Next piece.

Finn:  Yellow!

Me:  Next piece…

Finn:  Red!

Me: Next piece…

Finn:  Yellow!

Me:  Last one…

Finn:  Red!

Dave and I sat there dumbfounded.  Every.  Single.  One.  Right.  We took off the blindfold.

Me:  Does this kid have a crazy palette or something?  HOW did he know?  There is no way.  I can’t even say anything about the damn yellow watermelon now!

Dave:  Finn, you got every one right.

Finn:  I know!

Me:  Did you cheat?

Finn:  No!

Me:  You were blindfolded.  How did you know?

Finn:  I saw a little of the colors and then told you the answer.

He had no idea that peeking was cheating or that he wasn’t supposed to look for the colors.

But he ate all of the watermelon. 

I call this a parenting win.


Unknown said...

This is so funny! I never even knew there was yellow watermelon!


Jessica Sliman said...

So funny :) I love that you went to the length of blindfolding him. Oh, and Finn is such a rad name.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh goodness, that's so funny!

But... there's yellow watermelon?!

the cape on the corner said...

i'm mildly freaked out about the existance of yellow watermelon...like i can't use that purple or green ketchup b/c they freak me out...but they aren't occurring naturally like the watermelon.

you are such fun parents to turn it into a game to test him. that rocks.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes as we found out cutting into a normal looking outside. Shocker!!

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

Perfect parenting moment! Funny too. :-)

StephLove said...

You're both pretty clever, I think.

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