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13 August 2012

The Davester and I have the seven year itch. That’s right. SEVEN years of wedded bliss. {Total lie, marriage is hard work, yo.} While we’re celebrating our anniversary this week, I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers and their husbands to share some words on marriage.

Megan blogs at Little Prairie Life.  She is crafting, cooking, meditating Mama who is also very honest about life at home with two small children.  {Hint: It can be maddening for ANY Mama.}  Her smile is infectious and so is her ability to feel like your best friend.  She’s also got just about the cutest cottage house ever… seriously, check out the painted ceilings!


How many years have you been together and who liked whom first?

Megan: How long have we been together?

Jon: 5 years, right?

Megan: Yeah, and I liked you first.

Jon: No, I think we liked each other at the same time; it was love at first sight.

What has being married taught you?

Megan: Its taught me that you have to make sure you're on the same page, otherwise its so easy to get upset or angry over false expectations.

Jon: We got married and had kids at the same time and I think that you can't extract one from the other in terms of life experience and the thing that its taught me is the one I'm still working on, which is to live for four people instead of one person. 

What is the most fun thing the two of you have ever done together?

Megan: We don't do fun things together!

Jon: Yes, we do. We went to Sanibel for our honeymoon and camping in Colorado for our first anniversary.

Megan: I don't even remember Sanibel.

Jon: Yeah, we took a bike ride around the island and ate -


Jon: And we went parasailing.

Megan: That was fun. I liked Colorado better.

Jon: Yeah, me too, but you didn't like it at first.

Megan: Um, it was raining and cold! 

Jon: Until we zipped our sleeping bags together.

Megan: *snickering* And you made tea for me every morning. That was sweet.

How do you resolve issues?  Do you ever go to bed angry?

Megan: Well, I usually start things off by totally freaking out. 

Jon: Jon stares at her without speaking. Megan gets even more mad. Jon gets defensive and makes rational arguments. Megan storms off. Jon sits alone and thinks. And then finally everyone calms down enough to talk through it. Its a pretty good method.

Megan: I do go to bed angry sometimes.

Jon: I don't, because if I do it'll keep me up.

What is the secret to a happy marriage?

Megan: Uh.....

Jon: I don't know. What do you think? Good communication is part of it. And having reasonable expectations of one another.

Megan: And not expecting them to be someone they aren't.

Jon: And doing stuff together!


Unknown said...

Michelle, thank you again for inviting Jon and I to help you celebrate your anniversary! Seven years is a landmark in my mind - my mother has always said that marriage cycles go in sevens - so congratulations, my friend! Best wishes for a lifetime of continued awesomeness together!

This Confetti Life said...


Unknown said...

Thanks, Confetti. I wish I could say we try, but it comes naturally. Its a terrible burden.

Megan said...

How you resolve issues is literally EXACTLY how my husband and I resolve issues. I freak out, he says nothing, I get more angry, he stares at me, I storm off. I suppose as long as it works for us, we shouldn't change it :)

AfGolden said...

I started laughing my head off when you answered the "how do you resolve issues" question. I'm SO glad LG and I are not the only people that do this!!! LOL! He drives me INSANE with it!! LOL! loved it!

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