Cedar Point With Kids

16 August 2012

Dave and I haven’t been to Cedar Point since I got pregnant with Finnegan, so it's been six years. I think it is the longest stretch of time in my life I haven’t been there at least once in a summer.

Every time we saw a commercial, Finn would beg us to go and believe me, here in Ohio, you see a lot of those commercials. We kept telling him we would go when he was older, that it was for bigger kids.

Cedar Point Raptor Cedar Point MaXair

With favorites like Top Thrill Dragster, maXair, and Millennium Force, everyone knows Cedar Point is the best park in the world for coasters and big thrill rides. What I didn’t realize is that it is an incredible park for little kids, too.

My cousin and his family joined us for the day, and it couldn’t have been better!

cedar point 003 Cedar Point Kiddie Kingdom

The first thing we did when we arrived was to fill out the Kid Track wrist bands in the guest services building just before entering the park. Cedar Point has a great safety program available. If for some reason you get separated from your child, they only need to find anyone in uniform who will call your cell phone immediately and tell you where your child is waiting.

We brought our stroller for Tate, and my cousin brought a wagon for the boys. Cedar Point does have single and double strollers for rent for a modest fee, both versions of the strollers looked roomy and had plenty of storage. They don’t recline, so if you have little ones who still need a good nap I would bring your own.

Cedar Point Camp Snoopy cedar point 058

There are four areas just for kids, and that isn’t counting all of the family rides Cedar Point has as well.

They also have a rating system to make it easy for you…from low thrill rides that Tate loved like the Kiddy Kingdom Carousel, that are marked with a one, to aggressive thrills like Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster that are marked with a five. Each ride has a sign posted to let you know in advance what kind of thrill to expect.

Our favorite area was Planet Snoopy, with Camp Snoopy a very close second. What I loved most about all of the kiddie areas is that even on a sunny 90 degree day, there was plenty of shade. From the trees in the Jr. Gemini area, to the huge umbrellas over most of the rides, to covered seating areas, there was always a place to get the little ones out of the sun. I thought it was great attention to detail I never noticed at Cedar Point before I was a mom.

cedar point 117
Cedar Point Carrousel Cedar Point Jr Gemini

Myles and Colin are huge dinosaur fans so we had to check out the brand new Dinosaurs Alive attraction. The boys loved spotting all of their favorites, and there were quite a few jumps as the motion activated dinosaurs would spring to life and roar.

Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive
Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive

There are so many things to love about Cedar Point, from the rides to their famous fries to the friendly staff, but the best thing was the family time. No TV, no computer, no video games, just lots and lots of fun. There were huge grins on everyone’s face all day and already requests to go back.

The quiet car ride home was a nice touch, too.

cedar point 334 cedar point 352

What is your favorite thing about Cedar Point?


Yedda said...

Can't wait to bring my little one there. Great post.

Selena said...

Looks like a really fun place to go. Makes me want to plan our next trip :)

Justine said...

Not familiar with the place but looks awesome. Thanks for posting!

Anne said...

What a wonderful family bonding time! Thanks for sharing.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Cedar Point is the absolute bomb!

Yostee said...

I literally got tears in my eyes reading this post!!!! :( It looks like you guys had an awesome time.

Yostee said...

I literally got tears in my eyes reading this post!!!! :( It looks like you guys had an awesome time.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That looks like so much fun! I've never been to that park, but with my love of roller coasters, I really want to make the trip.

Btw, I love Tate's hat! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Darn, now I wish we would have gone to Cedar Point when we were back there in July. Next year... The kids looked like they had a great time!
Aunt Linda

Kim Moore said...

LOVE Cedar Point.. we get Platinum passes every year... My best cedar point experience was 2010.. john won me a 5ft monkey then we realized with everyone we had to take home we couldnt keep it so he traded it for 2 medium stuffed dogs.. the next week we went back with 2 cars and he won me the monkey again sooo my friend had to take 2 of my kids in her car so I could get my monkey home.... LOVE THAT JOHN IS AWESOME AT CARNIVAL GAMES...

MommyLisa said...

I have never been there - we USED to have Camp Snoopy at the MOA - its Nickelodeon Universe now. It looks great!
Our zoo has a similar din0saur thing this summer.

Stacey said...

Kings island is very much them same if you ever want to head south for change of scenery ;) Amusement parks = so much fun!!!

Unknown said...

thanks for your post! We are going next Sunday. While my husband go to the big kids rides, ill be going to kiddy ones with my daughter. I want to bring my stroller and im wondering if its safe...ill have to leave it there, next to the rides while i ride with her. Thought?

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