About Us: Mr + Mrs whippy*, married 6 years.

17 August 2012

*AKA: Bret + Becki

The Davester and I have the seven year itch. That’s right. SEVEN years of wedded bliss. {Total lie, marriage is hard work, yo.} While we’re celebrating our anniversary this week, I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers and their husbands to share some words on marriage.

Becki and I met two and a half years ago when I ordered a custom headband for my random acts of kindness birthday.  Not only was she great to work with, when she found out what I was doing, she insisted on sending another for the giveaway that I was doing for you guys.  Since then, Whippy Cake has skyrocketed and Becki is masterfully balancing being a great wife, Mama to three beautiful children, the Whippy Cake Blog and running an extremely successful business.   Her blog and has tons of tutorials about make up, hair, fashion, and of course, accessories!


How many years have you been a couple & who liked whom first?

We've known each other for 7 years. We got married on our anniversary from the date he asked me to be his girlfriend. I think it's safe to say I like him first?

What has being married taught you?

Marriage is the hardest thing you do in life because it takes work and attention every day. If you start to put other things ahead of your partner the relation will suffer, no matter what you tell yourself.

What is the most fun thing the two of you have ever done together?

We aren't very fun people but one of my favorite memories was hiking this huge waterfall in Jamaica and holding all the wild animals, birds and snakes.

How do you resolve issues?  Do you ever go to bed angry?

We don't resolve issues. We just get to a point where we agree to disagree. We are both so strong willed and stubborn that the only way to avoid getting really angry is to give each other space or bring humor into the conversation. I LOVE to laugh! We've both had turns going to bed angry... did I mention we are stubborn?

What is the secret to a happy marriage?

If BOTH partners can learn to love the other MORE than themself and more than anything else including things, habits and hobbies then you will find the sweet spot where love can truly be felt in.

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