Everyone Needs a Hug, Right?

28 February 2013

I come from a long line of huggers.  Everyone in my family… bunch of huggers.  Trees and people alike, we’re non-discriminatory as long as our arms are wrapped around something.

This was a little awkward for the Davester, both the hippie tree hugger stuff and the actual hugging. 

His family? They don’t really do the hug. I think that has softened a lot with grandchildren though, there seem to be a lot of hugs going round lately.

My family? Everyone hugs.  I’m guessing every time I see my mom or dad, I hug them, same with my siblings.  There has been a long standing joke that the Janet gave Dave and my ex-brother in law a hug when we were in St Martin. While wearing a bikini.  Henceforth known as the mother-in-law bikini hug, it still makes all of us laugh.

We’re huggers. 

I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriends, how I find it odd that people don’t hug.  Mostly because Nikki and Noelle are notorious anti-huggers, so is my friend Amy, and I feel compelled to make sure I hug them just for that very reason.  {By the way, Nik, prepare yourself, the hug it is coming.}  For me, it seems like such a natural thing to do.  I think sometimes, it’s just an assumption that, of course everyone behaves in a certain way, because your family does.  Maybe though hugging doesn’t feel like a natural thing to do for you?    

Hugger or non-hugger?  Does your family hug?  Your friends?


Samantha said...

We are a very huggy family! My mom has told me that my dad's family wasn't until she started hugging them so much and then when I came along (first grandchild) they became more of a "huggy" family. Russ' family? Not really huggy at all. It is totally foreign to me not to give lots of hugs when I'm with them, but its just not their thing.

Katie said...

Growing up, we weren't huggers. My mom's family didn't do hugs, so she didn't with us. My dad's family was a little better, but since he passed away when I was little, we didn't see them as often as we might have otherwise. It wasn't until my sister started dating my (now) brother-in-law, whose family is very huggy and cheek kissy, that we started incorporating it into our family. I am so thankful for that! Everytime I see my mom (whcih is multiple times a week), we do a cheek kiss, sometimes a hug, but more importanly, we do that with OUR kids on a daily basis. No. An hourly basis. :o)

Kim Moore said...

I was a casual hugger that became a BIG hugger when I met John.. Most of his family hugs.. His siblings hug their mom, dad and siblings and all kids.. His mom and dad hugged me from the moment he brought me home. Since he has passed I'm really weirded(not sure its a word)out because now his brothers, sisters and in-laws hug me whenever they see me.
I hug close friends. I've only been uncomfortable once with a hug it was from a girlfriend of my neighbor and she just held on for about 2 minutes CREEPY!!!

Shannon said...


Corinne said...

I'm a hugger all the way!!! My mom's side of the family is one big huggy family, my dad's not so much. Out of my friends I'm definitely the one to give out the most hugs!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

We're a hugging family. Haven't seen my MIL in a few days? We still hug. We do it on both sides of the family so I've always been around it.

Some people don't hug?

Karri said...

My family hugs. Ryan's not as much. Makes for interesting holidays :)

Unknown said...

Huggers for sure family and friends:)

Just A Normal Mom said...

We're huggers. One side of the family even more so than the other. But huggers, for sure.

Unknown said...

My family hugs. Constantly. But I'm not a hugger outside of family - and I didn't grow up as a hugger, so that's probably why.

MommyLisa said...

HUGGER! And I love the non-huggers hugs best. :)

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'll hug you, just don't try to double cheek kiss me. I left that behind when I left NYC. **shivers**

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