11 February 2013

Finn:  Dad.  Do you think Uncle Chris is the best basketball player?

Dave:  What do you mean Buddy?

Finn:   I mean, I’m a really good basketball player, but Uncle Chris, I think he could beat me.


*watching the evening news*

Finn:  Do they just make these stories up?

Dave:  Sometimes.

Me:  Dave!  Don’t tell him that!

Dave:  What?  You don’t know!

Me:  Finna, they report things that are actually going on.


Finn:  Speaking of Queen Elizabeth…

*At this point Dave and I exchange looks because we’re pretty sure this is going somewhere weird and that Finn has no clue who Queen Elizabeth is.*

Finn:  Someone brought {school friend} a present from London!

Dave:  Oh, you really ARE speaking of Queen Elizabeth.

Finn:  Yeah, that’s what I said.  It was money with Queen Elizabeth’s picture on it from London.


Finn:  I always thought it was twenty minutes.

Me:  What?  What was twenty minutes?

Finn:  The show.  It’s sixty minutes, but I always thought it was twenty minutes.  Twenty minutes is what my teacher says.

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SnoopyMeg said...

Here's a Flynnism for ya...
Me: your uncles are going to las Vegas
Flynn: so is it lost?
Me: no LAS not lost
Flynn: I know but are they lost?

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