19 February 2013

I am pretty sure there should be an addiction group for Draw Something.  It’s the funnest.

IMG_20130122_160318[1] IMG_20130201_104038[1] IMG_20130209_155135[1] 

IMG_20130209_165818[1] IMG_20130209_211229[1] IMG_20130210_114114[1]


Unknown said...

I am surprised you haven't given up on me yet....LOL.

Michelle said...

Are you kidding? We're *thisclose* to the max points!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Ok, I'm actually impressed by your drawings! I stopped playing months ago because I got frustrated by my skills.

Kim Moore said...

I can't wait for my new phone to come in at the end of the week... With my cracked screen Draw Something wouldn't let me draw... I'm having withdrawls.

yourfriendrobin said...

I'm totally addicted too. Your drawings are way better that mine, though.

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