04 February 2013

I had a list of things I wanted in the perfect partner. 

A physical handwritten reminder of “THE GUY”, that I wrote before I knew Dave existed. I firmly believe that there is something about putting things out to the universe.  Without getting too spiritual mumbo jumbo about it, I’ll just say that I’ve had good luck with the list.

I met Dave a few months later. 

My list contained things like must own a suit, impresses my Meme, makes my sisters laugh, loves my family, opens my car door, great sex, intelligent, and makes me laugh.  It was a ridiculous amount of really specific, quirky little things that I wanted.  After Dave and I were engaged, I randomly came across the list, long since forgotten about.  I realized that he met every single one of those weird, quirky items. 

I mean really, who do you know that still opens car doors in this day and age?  Certainly not 20-something college age dudes.  Unless your name is Dave.

So you don’t have to believe in things like this, I’m ok with that. 

My girlfriend Ann Marie always makes fun of the fact that I had this list.  She makes fun of me for a lot, she’s lucky I still love her to bits.  The list has been a huge topic though and we laugh about it all the time. 

Dave does something stupid. 

“Hey Michelle, was that on the list?  I’ll bet it was.” 

Back in 2008, she was really exasperated about dating and I told her to make one for herself.   “Make the list Ann Marie,” I said.  And she ignored me for years.  I know it was years because I did an email search talking about the list when I decided to write this post and couldn’t believe how far back it went ignored.  I would say, “Ann Marie make the damn list,” and she would just ignore me some more. 

And then in 2011, after a particularly heinous love disaster, she wrote me an email saying she finally did it. 

She made the list. 

A few months later, she met her Dave.

And I asked her, for the purposes of this post if she still had the list. {She does.} And just how closely he matched the list. {Dead on.}

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Fess up.  Did you have a list?


Unknown said...

i didn't have a list but love the idea, probably cause i married my HS sweetheart and have been together with him for like ever;) and so crazy that Dave met every single item:) love that! so funny your friend always made fun and then finally gave in..........

Anonymous said...

I did not have a list. I married my high school sweetheart.

Just A Normal Mom said...

I didn't have the list, but I do believe in putting it out there to the universe. Both of your stories are heart warming and awesome!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Aww, I love this! I did not have a list but I think that is such a great idea. I have a friend who is still struggling with finding the right one and I'm going to suggest this one to her. Here's hoping she'll find her Dave!

MommyLisa said...

OF COURSE I HAVE THE LIST! And like you I met T-bone about a month or so later.

Tawny said...

The only thing on my list was that my Father had to approve of him. Every guy I dated my Father hated. Then he met Rob and agreed that yes this was definitely the man I was going to marry.

AnnMarie said...

Awww I love it!!

Kim Moore said...

I had a list... John met every single item (20 to be exact) Since John has died and his family wants me to start dating again I have pulled the list back out and added a few things since my life has changed slightly since the first time I wrote it.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Love it!
Wish I had a list. Actually, I think I did. It was just 2 items long:
1) stable
2) hot

Marc fits it to a T! ;)

Emily said...

That's crazy.

There was one thing on my list, and...I got screwed anyway. Are there second chances at this sort of thing?

(Also, my internet privileges should be revoked after the second glass of wine.)

Unknown said...

I didn't have a physical list, but I decided well before meeting Jon (but after my first love disaster) that my ideal guy was outdoorsy, athletic, a great shagger, funny and a good listener. Nailed it. I win.

the_happy_hausfrau said...

I had a list in high school, right down to the kind of vehicle I wanted my boyfriend to drive (a dark colored Suburban/Jeep kinda thing) (hey, I was a teen in Minnesota, give me a break)...I met "him" my first year of college. We broke up after 5 years together and I met "The Other One", whom I ended up marrying. And he ended up cheating on me and leaving me to raise our four kids together (cue the sad violin musical,mmkay?).

Our divorce is almost 7 years old and I'm still single.

It might be time to make The List again.

Thanks for making me think :)

Stacy Kaye said...

I did not have a list...but Kevin did! And I was the perfect about specifics? He had "a farm girl" on his list. He lives in Suburbia in Canada. He got his farm girl though!!!

annette said...

I didn't have a written list, but I had a pretty good mental list. Though after my first marriage failed, I made a list of things that I absolutely WOULDN'T tolerate in a partner. I found that this was almost as necessary as the what I want list.

maddie said...

I absolutely had a list and people made fun of me for having it. I met my husband about six months after making that list. He meets all but 2 of them (he can't sail and doesn't paint). So happy to learn after all this time that I wasn't the only one with a list.

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