Basket Case.

18 February 2013

Empty laundry baskets are apparently the most fun in our house.  Finn is always hiding under one turned upside down or using one for a boat or a car.   Tate decided to get in on the action while Dave and I were having a marathon folding session.  WHERE do all of those clothes come from?? I feel like we do enough laundry for twelve people.

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Happy Monday.  How was your weekend?


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Bentley loves messing around with ours, gives him something to do while I attempt to put all the laundry away. And seriously?! I do so much laundry too!!! I cannot imagine the amount I will be doing when the boys get older....UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

Do your damn laundry everyday ( from wash to dry to fold to PUTAWAY) and you'll never have to have folding marathons. Then again no baskets cases, so keep laundry hoarding

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