13 February 2013


I totally aspire to be one of those bento box lunch making moms, don’t believe me?  I have a Pinterest board called Freakish Bento Love

Enough said.

Unfortunately for me, carving a complete replica of a Transformer out of freaking cheese takes time that I don’t have.  What with mainlining coffee, getting any kind of answer out of Finnegan about whether he will be joining his friend at the peanut free table or not, and helping Tate suck down three yogurts, my mornings are slightly full.  Full enough that I don’t wear a bra to school drop off, that’s my excuse anyway. 

Night time won’t do either, that is when I am busy watching Scandal and writing and mostly catching up on Draw Something, if you must know.  Plus, who wants to eat food that has been carved into tiny Phineus and Ferbs twelve hours previously?  Certainly not Finn, my ‘I’d like havarti and honey mustard’ persnickety eater.  {Blame the Davester for that one, Peeps.} 

I do also wonder if the lucky recipients of these fancy lunches go to friends’ houses and turn their noses at plain carrots, the kind not carved into totem poles or reliefs of the war of 1812?

I’ll go on looking at my Pinterest board, tucking a note in his lunch box {occasionally with fancy doodles} and letting him carry a sweet ass Star Wars lunch pail instead.


Anonymous said...

A homemade lunch with a occasional note from mom is pure love. Some kids don't have moms who pack there lunches. Or even have lunch, sometimes i pack extra special items (treats, yogurt, granola bars etc.) in Dimitri's and Luci's lunch so they can share with a select few that I know don't have lunch.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Star Wars Lunch Box. I could never take the time to create figurines for my kids food. Shoot, my girls want to eat at school. We have a healthy lunch line they always eat from. Saves me from making lunches. Leaves more time for me to watch that hunky guy on Beauty and the Beast.

Just A Normal Mom said...

My 18 year old still wants peanut butter and honey in a brown paper sack. Hasn't changed much since he was Finn's age!

Michelle said...

That's the problem Necole, Finn was buying a bunch at the beginning of the year until Dave went to school and had lunch with him. The stuff our district serves is total shit, so I won't let him buy anymore. A microwaved plastic container is not ok with me. At all.

MommyLisa said...

Once I made two bread loves worth of pb&j in the shapes of glass slippers and castles for Boo Boo's birthday. That was enough. ;)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Do kids really need their food made into shapes like that? Weird.

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