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05 February 2013

We haven’t had cable for probably 10-ish or so years.  I would rather drop $100 at Target a month than to pay for cable, it’s just not our thing.  I do miss HGTV and the Food Network though.  We have Netflix through the wii and we just got Hulu Plus as well.  The rest we just watch network shows when they are actually on.  {You can get Roku if you want to digitally stream your shows, but I’ve never had a problem just watching when they are on.}  Luckily, each local station has a ‘weather’ type channel, PBS offers Create TV which is a good mix of HGTV and Food Network, and PBS also has a dedicated Kids channel.  Honestly, it has been so long that we don’t even miss it… plus, we avoid crap like Honey Boo Boo.  I’d call that a win.

Without further ado… here are some of my favorites.

Castle:  Famous, rich, mystery writer has connections and gets put on a homicide team to model his next book series on the female detective he’s assigned to.  Murder solving has never been so hilarious.

New Girl:  Quirky girl moves into a loft with three guys.  Hilariousness and sexual tension ensues.  This show makes Dave and I laugh out loud every single week.  Schmidt, one of the roommates, is ridiculous.

Mindy Project:  Doctor Mindy has a practice with two other guys… more about Mindy’s life and dating mis-adventures than the practice.

Scandal:  Political fixer Olivia Pope has her own problems since she’s been having an affair with the very married President of the United States.  There is all kinds of intrigue and mystery involved in her daily work and her past.

Honorable Mentions:  The Good Wife, Happy Endings, Nashville, and the Big Bang Theory


Katie said...

We've been without (sometimes with - hello Michigan football!) cable for the good part of 4 years. You're right, I miss the HGTV and I am dying to see what this Duck Dynasty is all about, but you can still find decent shows on local channels. We also have Netflix, and we also just got Amazon Prime, since we got the kids a kindle, but I haven't really seen what we can do with that. We also use apple tv to stream netflix upstairs (we use our Wii downstairs), and so far, it's been perfect. Take that overpriced cable companies!

SnoopyMeg said...

Sports are the deal breaker in our house as far as losing the cable goes....we did go without it for a year and it wasn't that big of a deal! I have strongly been considering getting an apple tv!

Anonymous said...

Five years cable free! I just wish HBO would open up HBO Go for non-cable subscribers. This girl loves her some Game of Thrones!

Some thoughts on the favorites you listed above:
1) Captain Tight Pants *swoon*
2) Can you have Dave tell Jeff that New Girl is high-larious? He doesn't believe me.
3) Morgan just might be my favorite TV character.

Anonymous said...

I have cable, a find myself missing my regular channel shows because I am too busy watching the history channel. It is the left brain nerd in me. I love castle and scandal which reminds me I need to catch up. I also take six pleasure in watching Beauty and The Beast on CW. I loved the one from the 90's, and this new beast is a hunk.

Marcia said...

Eight years cable free! Hulu offers select episodes of HGTV programs and I can slowly piece together seasons of Top Chef on the Bravo site. While it would be nice to watch those few shows regularly, it's so much better to put the extra money into making our home cozy and healthy.

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