Friday Finest.

01 March 2013

Because I like to share fun things with you.

>>> I will take one of everything at Crave.  Especially this, these, and OMG this.

<<< Big Bad Wolf + Red Riding Hood as rappers? Yes.

>>> I love these shoes like whoa. Someone tell the Davester.  No seriously, you want his number?

<<< Tomorrow is Dr Seuss’ birthday.  Celebrate with green eggs.

>>> If I were Kaelah, I would LIVE in this dress.  Perfection.

<<< Did you know that Panera Bread has a secret menu?

>>> This nursery is out of this world.


Yostee said...

I love when you make these posts. Introduces me to some new things from time to time. I love etsy. Before I could waste many hours on Pinterest, I would spend hours on etsy. I now choose pinterest b/c it doesn't cost me nearly as much!! Ha ha. I just found a new shop called Soulful Jewelry that I love. So much cute stuff on that site and the amount of creativity some people has just floors me!!!

And as you know, the good Dr. is the only reason I stumbled across you. We will be doing something to celebrate his birthday, just not quite sure what yet. I may do the pasta salad with the colorful striped pasta again. I'll keep you posted.

I like Toms. I think they are cute. I like just the simple slip on shoes... but I have really fat feet. I am afraid I would bust out the side of them... bah hah hah!!! Do you have any of them???

Michelle said...

I do! I have these only with a teal bottom rather than pink. Most comfy shoes ever. said...

I love the sparrow bracelet. A secret menu? i love mischief.

Just Us Girls said...

That dress is too cute, LOVE!

Katie E said...

I kind of want to go to Panera for lunch today now - who knew there was a secret menu??

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