Friday Finest.

15 March 2013

Because I like to share fun things with you.

<<< Hey, you should totally make these delicious Guiness Cupcakes for St Pattys day.  

>>> MUCH ado about nothing.  June. Plus?  Nathan Fillion.  Who wants to see this with me?

<<< Lia never ceases to amaze me.  A dress made out of Vogue magazines.

>>> Hey Dave, I know what I want to do for our next vacation.

<<< I never wear heels and my mom just bought me these 4” wedges that are the most comfortable shoes ever.  I now want them in every color… they even have bright yellow!  Everyone pray that I don’t break my neck at Blissdom.

>>> Did you eat pie {or pi} yesterday?

<<< Google Reader and more specifically my beloved “NEXT” button are leaving.  I can’t tell you the gut punch this is.  The comments on this post made me laugh and nod my head.


Jessica Sliman said...

So those shoes are super cute. And I'm totally not a heel wearer since having kiddos but I might try them on. And I hadn't seen anything regarding Much Ado About Nothing Before....I loved the preview. Can't wait for it to come out.

Stephanie said...

I will totally see Much Ado with you.

Tawny said...

I can't function in heels either. I can however rock a wedge - they elongate the leg, and make me feel sexy!! I now want these wedges in every color too. Did you find something to help with the back of the heel issue?

Michelle said...

Steph, it's a date!!

Tawny, I'm going to get the heel pads, I forgot them at Target yesterday... when I was there twice. HA!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I might have to buy those shoes!

Just A Normal Mom said...

I had just given the link to those cupcakes on your site to someone last night who was looking for a St. Patty's day dessert! My husband is still moaning about losing Google Reader.

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes.

Michelle said...

@Bunny, now I KNOW they are as awesome as I think they were in my head.

@Ally, tell him that I am still crying about reader and if he finds a good solution to replace it, I want to know!

@Necole, you can see them this week!!! EeEEEE!

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