20 March 2013

michelle's cell 014 michelle's cell 072 

Quiche in a jar + Pinterest.

michelle's cell 073  michelle's cell 223

Our lime tree + blanket forts.

michelle's cell 246 michelle's cell 270

Dave fixing all the computer stuff I break + power breakfast meetings.

michelle's cell 282 michelle's cell 302

Skyping with my sister {who I miss something fierce} + that sundae {bacon, chocolate, and bourbon pineapple}

michelle's cell 342 michelle's cell 358

Snuggles with Finn + my favorite giant sunglasses.

michelle's cell 370 michelle's cell 402

Reading.  Reading. Reading. + Coloring.

michelle's cell 480 michelle's cell 489

Inflight activities + Travel buddies.


Anonymous said...

I love pinterest!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Pictures of your two little ones together are so darn cute! Love that last one.

@JessEsco said...

Just letting you know Imma be squishing the shit out of you tomorrow.

@JessEsco said...

Figuratively. Because otherwise that will be gross and no one will want to talk to either of us.

Anonymous said...

Ah obsessed with this all the pics!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the breakfast power meeting! Too cute!

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