Road Trip Music for kids + Adults.

29 March 2013

It’s that time of year.  The time of year when parents lose their ever loving minds and decide to go on vacation with their kids.  By car.

Spring Break.

Every year, my mom would pack us into the car and we’d drive somewhere.  It was most often Anna Maria Island, Florida with a few Myrtle Beach trips thrown in for good measure.  Back then, on good travel days, my sister Lyndsey and I would play games, share snacks, and laugh for hours.  On bad days, we’d put a piece of tape down the middle of the back seat and vow to never speak to each other again.  She’s put her finger inches from my face and chant, “I’m not touching yooooou!”

The joy of family road trips.

One of the biggest bouts of contention in our car was the music.  Back then it was radio, we didn’t even have a cd player in the car, so we’d find local radio stations and groan when my mom would choose something OLD.  I still cringe every time Huey Lewis is played… thanks mom.  Our other option was mixed tapes.  You know how I love a good mix tape.

Now I’m the mom and I understand why, after listening to New Kids on the Block ad nauseum, she probably wanted to escape the car as much as we did.  Can a happy medium be found between songs kids will enjoy and songs adults will enjoy?  We are sure going to try.  Here is our list:

Can’t get enough playlists perfect for a road trip?  Check out President Obama’s, Alphamom’s, Brittany’s, and this incredible one from Dinner a Love Story.

What is your favorite road trip song?


Yostee said...

Seriously, Thrift Shop comes on, and no matter what my kids are doing, they break out into an all out dance party! Even my 17 month old starts bouncing and yelling "what what". That's a pretty well rounded playlist. I think you've inspired me to revisit some fantastic songs of my younger days and make my kids love them as much as I did!!! Ha Ha.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter to your family!! :)

Laura said...

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty! Best road trip song.

Anonymous said...

Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits & anything by Waylon Jennings.

Unknown said...

My kids love Boom Boom Pow:)Oh and lots of ACDC...the boys love "Rock N Roll" songs, thats what they call them. We took a road trip in September...a 12 hour road trip, the kids had a movie player with their headphones so we got lucky and could pretty much listen to whatever:) The DVD player in the car is pretty much a saving grace on the road trip:)

Cindy said...

Haha. We made that mistake last year. Drove from Texas all the way to Florida to Disney. NEVER AGAIN. I don't care if I have to save up for an extra's flying for me ALWAYS! Congrats for surviving that!

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