Easter With Bunny.

01 April 2013

Y’all.  We are here.  With Bunny. 


It is spectacular.  And very much too cool for the likes of me.  Everywhere you turn, there are breathtaking views.  I can’t wait to share all the details with you later this week.

And now, tell me something you did for Easter.  Besides eating your weight in Just Reds jelly beans… or is that just me? 



Unknown said...

I. Love. Asheville.

Um, Easter. I forgot one of the dishes I was supposed to bring to my mother-in-laws. Realized after the fact that I have no non-iPhone pictures of the kids in their Easter clothes and nearly outed myself as the Easter Bunny. Otherwise, I just ate red jelly beans.

Anonymous said...

I worked and ate too much.

Ashley said...

I have Asheville on my need to visit list! And not just because of the Ash in the name. But that does help.

I got wrangled into cooking a large dinner at the last minute for family.

Unknown said...

I have been eating nothing but chocolate for past two weeks for lunch everyday....can't wait until its finally gone. I should just throw it out but the kids will probably have a shit fit if I do that...LOL.

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