Angry Birds Party!

30 April 2013

We tossed around several theme ideas this year for Finnegan’s 6th birthday party.  His love for Angry Birds won out over a Phineas and Ferb party, which was a very close second.  This was the first year that we didn’t combine his family and friend party, so we decided to have it at home.  We are in the midst of a chaotic few weeks, so I also wanted to keep the party simple and fun.  My sister Lyndsey and I shopped for almost everything the day before and spent probably 5 hours putting everything together, setting it all up and decorating.  Since he was turning six, we asked him to choose six friends to invite, it was a great size.

Life Sized Angry Birds

We had planned to be outside with the life sized Angry Birds tower, but it was raining the day of the party, so we set it up in the living room instead.  I’ve promised Finn that we’ll set it up outside this week after school so he can go nuts.  To make the tower, we just bought a ton of plain cardboard boxes in different sizes from B&B Box and Sharpie’d them with the lines like the game.  Make sure to get a few square boxes for the TNT and a few long boxes for the wood.  I printed the TNT signs on white paper using Feast of Flesh that I downloaded free from, it is very close to the Angry Birds font.  If I were doing it all over, I might find some white boxes and make the ice and the concrete blocks as well.  It was seriously easy and the kids LOVED it. 

For the pigs, I just printed an Angry Bird pig face in different sizes on full sheet label paper and we cut the eyes and snout out and stuck them on.  We bought the big green balls at Target, the smaller size we found at the dollar store and each of his friends got to take one home as part of their favor.  One insanely helpful hint from my friend Monica, use an empty paper towel roll cut into 1 inch slices to make a little stand for the pigs to sit on so they stay where you want them.

Angry Birds Party 113

We also had planned on an egg hunt, we had two dozen confetti filled eggs.  We were going to hide them in the back yard and let them find them and smash them outside, but since it was raining that was a no-go.  Dave told me to just let them go for it in the living room and we could vacuum it up, so we did.  They thought this was the best thing ever.

Angry Birds Party 273 Angry Birds Party 278

Angry Birds Party 259

The Angry Birds Table

For the centerpiece, we used a round basket as a bird nest, added blue shredded paper for some color and filled it with bomb bird, red bird, and king pig stuffed animals that Finn already had, plus a few golden eggs from our stash of Easter eggs. 

We used a lime green tablecloth, blue and white scrapbook paper as a placemat and topped it with red, black and yellow square plates.  The only licensed tableware we bought were the plastic Space cups.  Finn wanted the Angry Birds Cheese Nips for a snack so we put those in black and white polka dot cups.  The silverware, we wrapped with a green napkin, wood plank scrapbook paper and a sticker that I printed on round labels with all the different Angry Birds.  They all peeled their stickers off and wore them, so I think they were a hit.

Angry Birds Party 085

Angry Birds Party 125

Angry Birds Party 053 Angry Birds Party 045

Angry Birds Party 068

Angry Birds Party 126 Angry Birds Party 284

Angry Birds Party 236

The Angry Birds Decorations

I wanted to do a bunting type ceiling, but that was a hanging disaster, so we went with filling the ceiling above the table with tons of Angry Birds made out of balloons.  The Party Animal has a great FREE Angry Birds download for you to print.  We used a cardstock for printing and double sided tape to stick the faces on.  Did I mention how EASY this party was?  She had red, black, white, yellow, and blue birds, plus the king pig.

Angry Birds Party 058 Angry Birds Party 145

Angry Birds Party 081

We also added a stack of boxes in the corner with a corporal pig on top.  We just bought a play helmet at the dollar store for his head.

Angry Birds Party 095 Angry Birds Party 075

I also made a couple of silly signs.

Angry Birds Party 193  Angry Birds Party 296

The Angry Birds Favors

We had so much fun putting these together!  The bags were small canvas totes.  We filled with an Angry Birds toothbrush, a small bag of Angry Birds graham crackers, a pack of Angry Birds trading cards, stickers, and a ring pop.  Plus they also took home one of the small green balls.  I had meant for them to take their plastic cups home as well, but I completely forgot as they were all leaving so we’ll send those home with the thank you notes.

Angry Birds Party 087 088

Angry Birds Party 168

There are TONS and tons of Angry Bird Party ideas out there, I created a Pinterest board with all of the great ideas and inspiration that I came across while planning, go check all of them out!

Angry Birds Party 270


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh goodness, that is precious! I love it!

Sue said...

That is awesome!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

So fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are truly the Martha of our family (and I mean that in a good way)! What an awesome party for Finn and his friends. Happy birthday to the little guy!
Aunt Linda

Yostee said...

How awesome!!! I've never played angry birds simply b/c I don't need to be addicted to another game, but from what I do know, you did awesome!!! Finn is so lucky!!! Confetti eggs in your living room?!?! You deserve "Mom of the Year"!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Michelle, you are so stinkin' creative! That was awesome! The table looked fantastic - and you made it seem easy to make it that way! I love that you guys just let them go for the confetti inside, too - awesome parents :)

Leslee @ This Friendly Life said...

You throw the BEST parties! For realz. :-)

Unknown said...

Wow so cool! Easton loves angry birds so i will have to keep this in mind. The tower would also be good on a hot or rainy day activity inside:) good job mom!!!

Sara said...

I showed this to Noah and he about passed out from joy. Think you can come to Chicago and plan it for me? ;) really fantastic all around! And happy 6th to Finn!

MommyLisa said...

That was excellent!

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